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Matterport 3D Scans & 360° Photography Tours

Standard Rates

Matterport 3D Scans
  • minimum
360° Photography Tours
  • minimum

Matterport : $249 minimum fee; $0.10/SF standard rate; $0.02/SF rate deduction for client hosted models; $0.02/SF rate reduction for a scanned space or multiple spaces within a single property totaling more than 25,000 SF.

360° Photography Tour: Starting at $549 per property.

Portfolio Flat Rate Pricing

Need virtual tours for your portfolio or multiple spaces within a property? Hire PlusCorp for a day, week, or month and save 30-50% off the standard rates! Contact Sheryl Thomas to request rate sheet. Email: Text/Call: 713.449.2468

Compare Tour Features

FeaturesMatterport360° Photography
Walkthrough EffectYesPartial
Window View EnhancementNoYes
Company BrandingNoYes
Creates 3D ModelYesNo
Generates Floor Plan ViewYesNo
$249 minimum
$549 fee minimum includes up to (25) 360° panoramic views
Onsite ProcessTake a 3D scan of the entire area in a grid-like pattern every 5-8 ft apart; up to 20 ft apart in larger spacesUp to 25 panoramas are taken of desired spaces in a walkthrough pattern
Turnaround Time2-3 days3-4 days
Best Suited Walk-through experience of an entire space or building, small to mid-size spaces, spec suites, model unitsHighlighting representative spaces, amenities, empty/repetitive spaces, or large spaces
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